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East London History - founded in 1952 - check it out for local history and events... http://www.eastlondonhistory.org.uk

The Whitechapel Mission - charity site for the homeless - nice history - http://www.whitechapel.org.uk/

Like Trams? - check out this site - has a regular postcard of the month feature... http://www.tramwayinfo.com

The Music Hall and Theatre Site - Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd 1839 - 1904  http://www.arthurlloyd.co.uk/index.html 

Interested in Church Postcards? - a great site for the Family Historian here... http://www.churchpostcardviews.co.uk

Like Tales of the East End and London? - some great memories here...



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This is the street where I used to live as it was in 1919  - nice 'innit? - I don't live there anymore..

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