Seamen's Welfare
- in the East End featured on old picture postcards -

The Lighthouse - symbolic of its' role

The Life-Line - symbolic of it's work

PCs of Mr & Mrs David Roe -  first superintendent of the QVSR
QVSR - The Queen Victoria Seamen's Rest - The Seamen's Mission of the Methodist Church
121-131 East India Dock Road, Poplar E14

Serving seamen for more than 155 years, it's primary object is to minister to the spiritual needs of Seamen and their families. It also aims to promote the social and moral welfare of Seafarers, particularly when in port. 

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The Missions to Seaman's Institute
154 East India Dock Road E14

Acquired in 1893 by the trustees for the Anglican Missions to Seamen, to provide 'a Seamen's Church, with Institute, Gymnasium, Coffee Bar, Class Rooms etc.' - situated conveniently close to the Board of Trade building at no 133 where seamen were paid off.
In 1932 the Missions to Seamen ceased it's operations here, moving on to Victoria Docks. It was taken over for use by the Commercial Gas Company. In 1962 it was aquired by the Archdiocese of Westminster and opened in 1967 as a community centre called Pope John House, served by nuns of the Order of the Faithful companions of Jesus.

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