Police and Fire Stations
- in the East End featured on old picture postcards -

Bow Road LFB

Parnell Road, Bow - replaced Glebe Road site in 1911 - site of current fire station.


Police Station, East India Dock Road

Designed by John Dixon Butler, the police architect expressing the Arts and Crafts style. It was closed in 1971 and subsequently demolished, being replaced by a police office in Market Way nearby.


Fire Station, Manchester Road

Completed in 1905 to replace earlier building of 1877 on the same site. Built in the characteristic Queen Anne style of the LCC architects department. Following demise of the horse-drawn engine the stables were converted to offices in 1925.
Still in use today.

Shadwell LFB

Originally built next to St Paul's church in Broad Street (The Highway) it was soon moved to larger premises in Glamis road, as seen here. This building was destroyed by bombing in the last war, but a small part of the basement wall can still be seen today.

A new building with the same name opened in 1940 at 260 Cable Street. 


Fire Station, West India Dock

Completed in 1868, at a cost of 2,429.10s, by the Metroplolitain Fire Brigade. Sold to the London Salvage Corps in 1920 following closure of 15 Fire Stations due to the introduction of motorized engines. Sold again in 1928 and used as a store until demolished in 1987-8 for roadway improvements.

Limehouse Police Station

West India Dock Road  - built between 1887 and 1889 on 'K' division. It had sub-divisional status. The present building was started in 1940 and completed after the war. Today it is part of 'HH' division and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

FiresStation2.jpg (52371 bytes) Fire Station, 141 Burdett Road

Planned as Limehouse Fire Station, it was built between 1904 and 1905 at a cost of 7,054 and named Burdett Road. 

Closed in 1968



FireStation.jpg (37795 bytes)

Fire Station, Mile End Road 

Built between 1902-1903 at a cost of 8,246 replacing a station on same site. 

Closed in 1920 





wapping_FireSta.jpg (84663 bytes)

Wapping Fire Station

Opened 1905 on corner of Red Lion Street, now Reardon Path, and Tench Street. It was closed in 1947, and is now a Youth Club.



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