Markets and Shopping
- in the East End featured on old picture postcards -

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Petticoat Lane Market

East London's most famous market - bustling into neighbouring streets on Sundays - and where 'you want something? we got it!' is the cry from the stallholders.
The street originated in Hog Lane, but is now officially called Wentworth Street Market after it was widened in 1830.But it is best known as Petticoat Lane after the clothes that were sold there in the 17th century.
In victorian times it was taken over by the Jews who were not too bothered by the origin of some of the goods sold there. This is said to be so today.

watstre.JPG Watney Street Market

Totally rebuilt during the 1960s, this market struggles to retain it's vigour. Before the second world war it was famous for it's naphtha lights winking far into the late evening.
This view shows the shop of the postcard publisher -  a shop of the same name exists in the market today.

Chrisp Street Market, Poplar
Like many  markets of East London, the 2nd world war and its aftermath forced the relocation of many markets onto new sites in traffic-free, off-street locations. Chrisp street was moved to cover Grundy and Vessey Streets in 1951 - part of the Poplar exhibit of the Festival of Britain - ' solving the aesthetic and scientific problem of creating a new environment' It is still trying to achieve this.....

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