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Year 2000: Year 2001:
January - Wapping Pier Head
February - Island Gardens, Cubitt Town
March - Poplar Station
April - The Hippodrome, Poplar
May - Festival of Britain, Architecture

June - Bellamy's Wharf, Millwall

June - Yarrow Works, Poplar
July - Fire Station, West India Dock July - Millwall Docks
August - Bow Church August - General Steam Navigation
September - Tunnel Gardens, Poplar September - Millwall Football Club
October - Edith Cavell   October - Shadwell Dock Entrance
November - Limehouse Pier November - 'The Poplar Outrage' 1917
December - St Dunstan's Church December - All Hallows Church, Poplar

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Year 2002: Year 2003:
January - King Edward VII Park January - Gauging Grounds, London Dock
February - St George's Church February - Dr Barnardo
March - Wesleyan East End Mission March - The Eastern Junction
April - Watney Street Market April - East India Dock Gate
May - George Green's Schools May - London Chest Hospital
June - Gardiner's Corner June - Queen Victoria Seamen's Rest
July - 17th Bat., Poplar & Stepney Rifles July - Dock House Tavern, Poplar
August - Hospital for Children, Shadwell August - The Royal Mint 
September - St Mary's, Whitechapel September - 128 Burdett Road
October - St Matthias' Church, Poplar October - Germans Fleeing London 
November - Orchard Wharf, Leamouth November - Greencoat School, Stepney -
December - St Anne's Church, Limehouse December - St Paul's Church, Shadwell -

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Year 2004: Year 2005:
January - Limehouse Library January - Pavilion Theatre, Mile End Rd. 
February - Great Assembly Hall February - A Stepney Milkman 
March - Bow Station  (NLR) March - The Peoples Palace 
April - Victoria Park April - Commercial Road, Limehouse 
May - Burdett Road, Limehouse May - Nature Study Centre, St Georges
June - Shadwell Station  June - Charlie Brown  
July - Gun Dining Rooms, Wapping July - Charlie Brown Junior  
August  - Albion Brewery, Whitechapel August  - Shadwell Fire Station 
September  -  Wapping Waterfront September  - Beer Retailer, Bow
October  - Coopers School, Bow October  - Whitechapel Art Gallery 
November  - Swedish Lutheran Church November  - Empire Memorial Hostel 
December  - All Saints, Poplar  December  - St Peters Church, Wapping 
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Year 2006: Year 2007:
January -  Shadwell Dock January -  Greetings from Poplar
February - West India Dock  February - St George's Library 
March - Alpha Road, Millwall March - St James the Great Church
April - Board of Trade Offices  April - Poplar Hospital
May Whitechapel Hospital  May Sailors Home, Well Street
June - Blackwall Tunnel Entrance  June - Central Foundation School for Girls
July - Dunbar Wharf, Limehouse  July - Brunswick Pier Blackwall
August  - Trinity Alms Houses August  - Will Crooks
September   Roman Road September  -   Greetings from Limehouse
October  - Wapping Bridge  October  - Poplar Police Station 
November  Poplar Library  November  The Edinburgh Castle
December  -  St Patrick's Wapping December  - St Mary’s & St Michael’s 

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Year 2008: Year 2009:
January - Ide's Glassworks Shadwell January -  Dr Barnardo's funeral
February - Allen & Hanburys   February -  Bow Road
MarchPetticoat Lane  MarchCosters
AprilPoplar Town Hall  AprilCoborn Road
May Tunnel Pier, Wapping MayPS Royal Eagle 
JuneVestry Hall, Mile End June The Eastern Dock Basin
July - Bath Street Chapel July - Daniels, Bethnal Green
August  -  Greetings from Stepney August  Millwall 1840
September  -  Vetinary Surgeon September  -  East India Dock Road (1) 
October  -  School of Marine Eng., Poplar October  East India Dock Road (2) 
November  London Dock Entrance November  Limehouse at Dusk
December   St Stephen's Church, Poplar December  -  St Pauls London Docks

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Year 2010: Year 2011:
January - Tredegar House, Bow Road January - Tower Wharf & Bridge 
February - City Arms PH Bow   February - Passmore Edwards  
March -    Lycett Memorial Chapel March - The Royal Mint  
April  Tower Hill April City of London Infirmary
May Aldgate Pump May Mellish Street, Millwall
JuneMillwall Multi-view   JuneWapping Old Stairs
July -  The Pool of London  July -  Sailors Memorial
August  -  Trinty Congregational Chapel   August  - Royal Engineers HQ
September  - RNLI Storeyard, Poplar September  - Commercial Road
October  -  Thames Iron Works  October  -  Overheard at Millwall 
November  A Gas Attack Mile End November  Pitt Brothers, Wapping
December Christ Church Cubitt Town  December  - Guardian Angels Church 

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Year 2012:

Year 2013:

January - Whitechapel Library & Museum January - Spitalfields Parish Church
February - Bink Brothers, Millwall February - St Katharine's Entrance
March - Main Gate, London Dock March - Aldgate High Street
April - Harry Croft, Confectioner April - East India Dock Road
May - Docklands Settlement No 2 May - River Police
June - Edna May at the London June - LCC Marine School
July - J T Davies July - The Great Eastern
August - Bow Works August - Tower Bridge Approach
September - Jetty, London Docks September - Aldgate High Street
October - Blackett's Dry Dock October - Burdett Road - part II
November - Aberdeen Wharf November - Poplar&Stepney Sick Asylum
December - Church of St John December - Bow Church

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Year 2014:

Year 2015:

January - St Annes R C Church E1 January - The Thames Iron Works
February - Bow Road Station February - HMS Thunderer
March - Burdett Road Station March - Trinity Almshouses Mile End
April - Thames at Twilight April - 17th Battalion - Polpar & Stepney Rifles
May - Egg Man, Bethnal Green  May - Blackwall Tunnel Poplar 
June - Bridge Disaster at Bow June - T & W Farmiloe
July - Tower of London July - East London Tabernacle Mile End
August - Yeoman of the Guard August - Wickhams Department Store Mile End
September - Holy Trinity, Mile End September - Lord Exmouth PH Stepney
October - Roman Road, Old Ford October - Southwold Belle off Island Gardens
November -  Wapping Fire Station November - Gardiners Corner 1951
December -  St Frisewide's Poplar December - Church of the English Martyrs

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Year 2016:

Year 2017:

January - Tower Bridge January - Christ Church, Watney Street
February - Bishop of Stepney February - Fire Display, Victoria Park
March - John Scurr MP March - Winterhude, Millwayy Docks
April - Trinity Bouy Wharf April - St Johns Scools, Wapping
May - Medland Free Shelter May - Tredegar Square, Mile End
June - The Royal Mint June - North Street School Bombing 1917
July - Old Ford Station July - St Lukes Church, Millwall
August - George Lansbury & the Poplar Tax Revolt August - Scandinavian Sailors Home
September - Peace Day 1919 - Teviot Street September - Wapping Lane
October - Pool of London October - German Wesleyn Mission
November - Limehouse November - The Railway Arms Shadwell
December - Shadwell Fish Market December - Arbour Square Stepney

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