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Tunnel Gardens, Poplar

The rebuilding that followed the completion of the Blackwall Tunnel in 1897 left a long irregular shaped plot between the Northern Approach Road and the East India Dock Road.  It was then decided at that time to retain this land for future expansion of the road.

In 1901, rather than let this land go to any waste, the London County Council (LCC) decided to convert the open space into a much needed playground; which was duly opened to the public on 30th August 1902.

Sheltered on both sides by the high Dock Walls, it had a fully paved playground divided by a brick wall. The northern half was for Boys only and the southern half was for Girls, with part of the East India Dock wall serving as a site for a gravelled and tree-lined terrace for the adults to watch their children play.

Maintenance and control was passed to the Poplar Borough Council in 1933. It remained as a play area until 1958 when it was cleared to make way way for the the new northern approch we know today. Some of the terrace and trees still remain today. 

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