Postcard of the month - #227 - June 2019

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A group of boys at the Buck's Row Board School Whitechapel c.1910

Buck's Row was, and still is, an uninspiring thoroughfare situated behind Whitechapel Underground Station, just off Whitechapel Road. Much has changed in the immediate vicinity in the intervening 100+ years. Many of the buildings have long since fallen victim to the march of time and progress and even the name of the street has changed, and Buck's Row is now called Durward Street.

Here in Buck's Row in a dark gateway in the shadow of the Board School, the body of Jack the Ripper's first victim, Mary Nichols, was found on August 31st 1888. At the top of this eastern section of Durward Street, just before it becomes wider, there still stands the bulk of the old Board School, which looms over the murder site today, just as it did at the time of the murder in 1888. This is the one structure to have survived in the immediate vicinity and it still as a striking local landmark, albeit it has now been converted into flats.

The looming bulk of the Board School was a prominent local landmark. If you look up at the roof area of the school you can make out the railings that enclosed the roof top playground where this picture may well have been taken.

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