Postcard of the month - #229 - August 2019

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Peace Day, July 1919

On the morning of the 19th July 1919, thousands gathered in London, having arrived overnight to officially celebrate and mark the end of World War 1. It was a spectacle never seen before, with nearly 15,000 troops taking part in a victory parade led by the Allied commanders Pershing, Foch and Haig who saluted the fallen comrades. Bands played, and the central parks of London hosted performances and entertained the huge crowds.

King George V issued this message: 'To these, the sick and wounded who cannot take part in the festival of victory, I send out greetings and bid them good cheer, assuring them that the wounds and scars so honourable in themselves, inspire in the hearts of their fellow countrymen the warmest feelings of gratitude and respect.'

Although the main spectacle was in London, other celebrations organised by local authorities and communities took place in cities, towns and villages across the country on the same day. This postcard features one of many street parties in the East End.

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